What is ethPay?

Built on top of Ethereum Android, ethPay is a decentralized multi-purpose payment technology.
It uses the Blockchain to let you create and run personal stores to sell anything you want directly using only your mobile phone.

  • What is Ethereum Android?

    Ethereum Android is a platform to securely interact with any Ethereum based blockchain.

  • What does decentralized mean?

    A decentralized application (dApp) is not bound to a central infrastructure owned by a company.

    ethPay uses Smart Contracts on Ethereum based Blockchains, together with IPFS as storage back end and Whisper as messaging backend.

  • Payment technology?

    ethPay is a tool to process mobile payments for all sorts of goods and services.

    You can think of an ethPay store as a virtual cash register residing on the Blockchain, making it able to accept world-wide payments 24/7.

  • Muli-purpose?

    As virtual cash registers you can use ethPay stores for a multitude of scenarios:

    You want to sell your own apples on the farmers market? - Use Quick Offers to let your customers pay you directly!

    You have a small band and want to sell your songs on your facebook fanpage? - Use an ethPay store with instant access!

    You are collecting money because you want to organize a present for a colleague? - Write an offer and share it with other colleagues!

    Unsure if you should use ethPay in your specific scenario? Contact us.

  • Are there any costs?

    Besides the network fee the Blockchain charges, 1% of every payment is automatically forwarded to the ethPay DAO, which is a smart contract on the Blockchain that consists of a group of members providing consultancy services, infrastructure, and tools for the ethPay ecosystem.

How it works


1. Deploy Store

Deploy your store on the Blockchain in no time

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2. Write Offers

Write offers for the products you want to sell

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3. Get Paid

Depending on the Blockchain, get paid in a matter of seconds


4. Chat

Post-purchase chat with you customer end-to-end encrypted


1. Scan Offer

Scan an offer using your phone


2. Purchase

Purchase the offered product or service


3. Instant Access

Immediately access your digital purchase, if the store has instant access activated

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4. Chat

Chat with the store owner end-to-end encrypted

Try it

Scan this QR-code with your phone to see how ethPay works.

Make sure that you are connected to our private test-blockchain 'P-ACS Network'.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions or feedback regarding ethPay, feel free to drop us a line, it's always appreciated :)


For tutorials on how to use ethPay, visit our Support Center

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